A Dozen Reasons for Doggy Daycare

1. Running, chasing, wrestling around with friends, playing ball, fresh air and sunshine!
2. Social interaction with other canines, nothing can take its place to make your dog happy, well mannered and well rounded!
3. Your peace of mind knowing that your dog won’t be home alone bored, lonely or depressed.
4. Firm up doggy muscles and lose weight!
5. Spare your furniture and shoes! No more misbehavior from lack of exercise and all that pent up energy!
6. Less vacuuming! – most of the days shedding will be at our place!
7. You’ll be your dog’s hero!
8. Where else can your dog play all day and get a bath too, all while you’re at work!
9. Your dog will be tired and ready to relax and bond with you when you get home.
10. Its too hard to hold it all day! No more rushing home to let the dog out!
11. Did we mention slobbery kisses from doggy friends, (and staff too) birthday parties, arts and crafts, pictures of your dog, Valentine parties and Easter bone hunts?
12. Your dog deserves a social life too!

Rover Come Over Doggy Daycare