*Please Note: Rover Come Over requires that all dogs receiving any Rover service be up-to-date with their vaccinations (Rabies, DHPP, Bordatella, Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza). Please have your vet fax vaccination records to us at

419-861-9101 prior to your appointment.  

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Our Rover Come Over groomer, Heather has attended multiple grooming expos and styling seminars including those held in Hershey, Pennsylvania and Novi, Michigan. Beyond learning the latest in technique and styling trends, she completed training classes dealing with canine health, skin and coat care and working with various dog temperaments.

Professional groomers know the character, habits and coat characteristics of many different breeds. 

They also know the standards of style and appearance for the various breeds. 

To work successfully with dogs and cats, they have to be animal psychologists, understanding how to handle dogs with very different personality types and behaviors, making the grooming experience pleasant for everyone. 

Finally, they are educators, teaching dog owners what they need to do to maintain their dog's grooming and keep their dog healthy and well-cared for. 

Did You Know?

Rover Come Over Doggy Daycare

Training to be a groomer involves more than just clippers and scissors. The many skills a groomer must master include: Trimming, Dematting, Coat thinning, Shaving, Coat Striping, Pre-bath coat shaving, Clipper finish, Scissor finish, Sanitation trims, Ear hair removal, Popular breed ID, Dog evaluation, Animal handling, Drying techniques, Parasite removal & recognition, Canine Dental Care, Kennel & Tub Sanitation, Chemical Flea Dips, Product Knowledge, Skin condition Recognition, Anal Gland Expressing, De-shedding techniques, De-skunking techniques.

Our Groomers have Style!​