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Great Reasons to Bathe Your Dog

With more than 14 years grooming experience, Heather ensures her clients have style. She's a 2003 Graduate of the Penta Career Center in Small Animal Care program. Heather attended the Toledo School of Dog Grooming receiving her certificate in Grooming. Heather has also attended many expo’s, seminars and continuing education events to learn new and exciting techniques, tips and to stay updated on the latest dog grooming products. Heather chose dog grooming as a career to show her love for animals and so that she may always be around what she enjoys. She's attended both the Groom Expo and Super Styling Sessions and is anxious to demonstrate her newly developed skills. Heather would love to meet your dog and help you with any grooming questions you may have.

Your dog wears the same thing every day  *  Your dog exercises everyday  *  Your dog lies in dirt  *  Your dog rolls in smelly things  *  Your dog’s coat collects weeds and insects  *  Your dog never brushes his hair  *  Your dog doesn’t shower  *  Your house smells like a dog  *  You wouldn’t let your other children go without bathing  *  You will enjoy a clean, shinning, sweet-smelling dog!

Our Groomer