Caitlin recently marked her two-year anniversary at Rover Come Over. Born in Honolulu, she graduated from Findlay High School and is currently enrolled in the veterinary technician program at Stautzenberger College. Caitlin has spent summers working on a ranch and does volunteer work for the Humane Society. She's loves meeting and welcoming the new dogs at Rover and enjoys the challenge of providing a fun atmosphere for all of the dogs and their diverse personalities. Both a dog and cat lover, at home she's devoted to her nine-year old cat, Ash.

Our Staff

While she's one of Rover's newest associates, Cheryl has more than seven years experience in animal care. Regarding Rover, Cheryl says "Everyone here is friendly, helpful and we all love dogs. It's also very clean and organized." She enjoys meeting all of our dogs and strives to figure out each of their personalities and how they interact in the pack. Cheryl is mom to Charlie, her 17-year old Jack Russell and Lily, her newly adopted fox terrier. 

With more than 14 years grooming experience, Heather ensures her clients have style. She's a 2003 Graduate of the Penta Career Center in Small Animal Care program. Heather attended the Toledo School of Dog Grooming receiving her certificate in Grooming. Heather has also attended many expo’s, seminars and continuing education events to learn new and exciting techniques, tips and updates on the latest dog grooming products. Heather chose dog grooming as a career to show her love for animals and so that she may always be around what she enjoys. She's attended both the Groom Expo and Super Styling Sessions and is anxious to demonstrate her newly developed skills. Heather would love to meet your dog and help you with any grooming questions you may have.



With more than 11 years of experience in the local dog daycare community, Amy is Rover's resident "dog whisperer." Like most of our staff, she grew up with cats, dogs and other animals. She's proud of her Great Pyrenees mix, Ike. Amy enjoys the challenge of working with all of the various breeds at Rover and notes "Our team at Rover is like family, including some four-legged members." Her favorite time at on the job at Rover is playing and splashing around with the dogs outside during the summer.


Cindy joined the Rover Come Over staff in 2011. She has experience at a veterinary center and training in dog behavior through Toledo Dog Training and other organizations. Cindy is vice president of Golden Retriever Rescue Resource (GRRR) and a past member of Toledobes (Dobermans). She's the proud Mom of daughter Lisa and Goldens Toby and Hazard. Her work with GRRR led her to Rover and she's convinced the transitions of her rescue dogs is improved by spending time at Rover daycare. After working 30 years with people, she is thrilled to be working with man's best friends and says "Dogs are very gratifying with their unconditional love."

Christopher joined the Rover team in April of 2015. He's an Anthony Wayne graduate and is currently pursuing his business degree at the University of Toledo. Christopher is an experienced dog-sitter and volunteers at our local humane society. At Rover he enjoys "taking care of these little fluffy puppers, each with their own personality." His "fluffy pupper" at home is English Springer Spaniel, Bailey.

Rick and Barbee, Owners



One of the local kids, Jessica is an Anthony Wayne graduate and has worked at Rover since September, 2009. She grew up around animals and was never without a dog of her own. Around Rover Come Over it's no secret that Moose has a major crush on Jessica and can usually be found next to her whether inside or outside. Jessica finds being around all of the dogs both fun and comforting. She has a daughter and and is also mom to her bird Pumpkin and dog Henry.

An Anthony Wayne High School grad, Kaylyn currently attends Bowling Green State University. Over the years she's volunteered at the Humane Society and Lucas County Pit Crew as well fostering puppies. Kaylyn adopted her pup, Wynn, from the Lucas County Pit Crew. She's been at Rover since 2015 and loves being around the dogs all day and takes special joy in watching the dogs play in pools in the summer and snow in the winter. Once Kaylyn earns her bachelor's degree she hopes to work for a non-profit organization.

Rick is a 25-year veteran of business including operations, supply chain management and customer support leadership. He’s lived in NW Ohio for over 10 years. Most of his professional career and experience took place in Honeywell where roles took him from Connecticut to the Toledo area, as well as global assignments based in Switzerland, Minnesota and New Jersey. He holds a MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School. Rick loves dogs and has two of his own. He’s personally had first-hand experience with poor dog day care services in NW Ohio and he’s made it his passion to enhance the standards of the industry on a whole, including the safety and cleanliness of the facilities.

Barbee is a long-time native of the Toledo area. Her professional career includes awards and recognition in the cosmetology space along with founding and growing her own hair studio. Barbee also worked for CNN in Atlanta.

Rick and Barbee love dogs and have two of their own--Matilda, a four-year old Malti-Poo and Ru-Ella, a three-year old miniature Aussie-Doodle.


Originally from the Cleveland area, Megan recently relocated to Monclova and is currently a nursing student at Mercy College and will graduate in April 2017. She's grown up with dogs and enjoys spoiling her black lab Weimaraner mix, Peigan. Megan's favorite aspect of working at Rover is getting to know each dog's unique personality and watching them all interact with each other. She looks forward to seeing them play in the pool, especially those dogs who've never experienced the water.

Rover Come Over Doggy Daycare

In August 2016 Rover Come Over was happy to bring on Gina with her three year's experience in local animal care and grooming. "My first day at Rover I saw a dog I knew from my other work and was thrilled that she ran to me when I called her name." Gina prides herself on her ability to read the body language of dogs and ensure their time at Rover is fun and safe. After running and playing with her "fur babies," The toughest part of Gina's day is when she has to return them to their parents. Luckily, she has Cooper, her King Charles-poodle mix to play with at home.

We've had Raechel on the Rover team since August 2016. She's been a dog-walker and dog-sitter and manages to keep up with her year-old Aussie-Doodle, Lucy. For Raechel, working at Rover helps her relax after her busy week at school. She's a junior at the University of Toledo, studying recreational therapy with a career goal of working in the field of chemical dependency and rehabilitation. 



The experience, training and retention rate of the Rover Come Over staff far exceed those of other area dog daycares. Every staff member undergoes rigorous training that includes off-leash play education, dog behavioral study and on-the-job training. Most staff members have additional formal education whether it be in veterinary technology, nursing or animal training. Outside of work, our staff members devote countless hours to a variety of animal welfare organizations. We're proud of every associate and you can always feel confident in knowing your dog is under the care of proven professionals. Learn more about each of them below.