Rover Come Over Doggy Daycare

Overnights at Rover

Kennel-Free Boarding

Overnights at Rover Come Over are a kennel-free alternative offered to our regular daycare customers. If you don't like the thought of your dog staying in a kennel, we have an alternative for you. At Rover Come Over your dog will play all day in the daycare, romping and swimming, or just having lap time with our staff and their canine friends. At night, they can sleep on a dog bed in the daycare or be tucked into a crate or a kennel with their own familiar bedding from home (or some of ours). Everyone here sleeps on an elevated bed, not on the floor. After playing all day long in the daycare our dogs are so tired they don’t care where they sleep! Best of all-–you can watch them on our Rover Webcam from a computer wherever you go. Our parents have watched their dogs playing via the “Rover Cam” from China, India, Africa, England, Mexico and all over the United States.

It's a lot of fun to sleepover at Rover Come Over because your dog gets to run free and play all day with our staff and their canine friends--swimming, playing ball, chasing each other and more!

Suitability for Boarding

Because our overnight dogs play all day with our daycare population and need to establish themselves as "pack" members, your dog must attend at least two (2) days of daycare during the month preceding their overnight to be eligible to spend the night. That means two visits a month to Rover Come Over, it can be two half days of daycare or two days of daycare. If your dog is new at Rover, he/she will be required to attend daycare no less than four days (including a minimum of one full day) over the course of two weeks. The rigors of a full day at Rover can be stressful for some pups and our staff needs to evaluate each dog's adaptability to daycare.


We believe it is best to maintain your dogs regular diet so we ask that you bring their food with you.

Special Requests

Lastly, let us know if your pup needs any special touches to make his sleepover a pleasant experience. No request is too much for us when it comes to your dogs needs. You can request a reservation and fill out overnight information through your Rover Come Over Gingr account

Stop in or call 419-861-9100 with questions anytime and we will be happy to help you!